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the disruption of IP

As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin.

When an industry is undergoing substantial change, market leaders hoping to thrive must adapt their business models to the new industry’s realities. As simple as that may sound, most organizations are not flexible enough to meet such challenges. This is born out historically through the rise of new players as industries change.

In the current media landscape, the ability for a media organization to aggregate an audience is becoming an increasingly Quixotian task. As channels, mediums and entertainment opportunities proliferate, audience fragmentation disproportionately accelerates, exacerbated by the technology opportunities in the consumer’s arsenal of gadgetry. The consumer is increasingly dividing time across home media networks comprised of gaming consoles, personal computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, DVD players/recorders and media hub hardware in addition to the ‘traditional’ TV. All of these devices are becoming IP enabled and networked to the world at large. As they do, bits spill out, leaving a crumb trail behind the consumer. This trail reflects a decreasing span of attentiveness, with a correspondingly increased craving for the latest digital morsel recommended by their social network peers.

The key here is that all of these consumer devices are now IP enabled.

This drives networking of devices, people and content. People with devices, devices with devices, people with people and both devices and people with content.

That is what is driving the behavioral changes and the disruptive force behind the media industry – a standard, seamless way to plug into the world. And yet, over 70% of the world is still not connected. The natural consequence of this technology and behavioral change is that ads can be placed in the delivery channel far closer to the consumer more cost-effectively than ever before… and before long we’ll be inundated with ads specifically destined for our eyeballs.

Tell me it isn’t so…I’m listening.

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