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your media, your personality

But I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that’s why I love you
so don’t be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow

An article published at on May 4, 2009 suggested that personality is often a more effective prediction tool for media usage than age, gender and income.

“We had a hunch that people’s personalities played into the kind of media they consumed,” said Sarah Welch, Mindset Media co-founder and chief operating officer. “Demographics have long been thought to be [the indicator for] media consumption. Young people use the web and watch TV, for instance. But there are so many different effective ways to reach people … using whatever psychographic your target segment has.”

In summary, the study found that if you gravitate towards the:

  • Internet – Top web users rank high in openness, and to a smaller degree, those who rank high in bravado are top users, too. Those highly open people who favor the web are 153% more likely to always buy organic products and 104% more likely to drive a hybrid car. Low-level consumers of the internet tend to rank high in dogmatism, and are described as socially conservative people who tend to look to a religious or moral authority for guidance. People who are more liberal are more likely to have the internet as the most consumed media.
  • Newspapers – Finally, some good news for newspapers: Optimists are on your side. Optimists spend more time with newspapers than any other medium, and they probably recycle it, too. They’re 51% more likely to go out of their way to purchase recycled goods, 34% more likely to drive a luxury car and 30% more likely to have bought four or more PCs in the past two years. The strong-leadership group, described as people with strong decision-making skills and a preference to include everyone, read newspapers and also are 68% more likely to always purchase organic breakfast cereals and 61% more likely to buy three or more pairs of sneakers every year.
  • Magazines – People who rank low in diligence, or those who aren’t goal oriented or self-motivated, also rank low in magazine readership. Introverts also were found to shy away from print in the study. Introverts are 56% less likely to vote in presidential elections and 34% less likely to own a car.
  • TV – Dynamic people don’t watch TV. Neither do people who rank high in openness and leadership. Dynamic people, described as always on the go with a hectic lifestyle, are 50% more likely to watch less TV than the average person and are 59% more likely than the average person to watch less than an hour of TV daily. Dynamic people are also 45% more likely to buy movie tickets online and 26% more likely to describe themselves as Mac people. People with low dynamism are 53% more likely to watch more TV, as are those who rank on the low end for openness and leadership.
  • Radio – Highly dynamic people are also 36% more likely to click around from show to show. Introverts consume almost no radio, according to Mindset’s study, and people low in diligence also consume less radio. The nondiligent are also 50% more likely to watch five hours or more of TV a day, 32% more likely to not plan ahead and just pick a movie when they get to the theater, 27% more likely not to have an affinity for either PCs or Macs, and 25% more likely to restrict their kids from using the internet instead of other media.

Sounds plausible. But then, so does my daily horoscope and those personality tests in lifestyle magazines that I take for fun…

Tell me it isn’t so… I’m listening.


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