iptv on a growth trajectory

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We are all gathered here on the verge of thankless years,
to find out why we’re lost.
And I don’t think It’s wrong if you find out where you belong
and you want to run from here.

Are we finally getting traction?

I used to make a great distinction between IPTV and “over the top” video. I still do. I also maintained that as the quality of the online video experience improved, we’d see a blurring between the two approaches, and that would be the tipping point for a mainstream acceptance of video over IP delivery. That day is finally at hand.

Recently MRG published a report finding that global IPTV subscribers would grow from 27.7M in 2009 to 81.0M in 2013 with an associated 32% CAGR. A bit down from their previous CAGR of about 50%. I guess the global financial meltdown had to have some effect.

Ponder this…  There are many markets that are considering (or already employing) hybrid STB technologies to receive linear feeds via satellite and interactive via broadband. These approaches also contribute to the overall numbers published by MRG. In the US, Sezmi is a good example of this type of delivery. As broadband penetration increases, then it makes sense that IPTV or video over IP will also increase correspondingly.


Yes, I think not only is it time to abandon those BNC connectors for IP and make the move to digital, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that broadcasting (via RF, Cable and Satellite) as we know it, may be simply become alternative IP delivery streams. Perhaps broadcast engineers now have a reason to learn some IT after all – or perhaps just retire, and warm by the glow of their valvyon* memories.

Tell me is isn’t so… I’m listening.

*A contrived word to eulogize the halcyon days of valves.

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