culture clash

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Do you really want to hurt me
Do you really want to make me cry
Words are few
I have spoken
I could waste a thousand years

We engineers are a funny bunch. Give us toys and time to play, and we’re happy. Give us responsibility, and we’ll dutifully carry it out. Ask us to innovate, and we’ll even do it on our own time. Tell us to change, and we’ll find any excuse to ensure that it happens on our time, within our constraints and under our control.

Reliability is our mantra. We will not have our professional integrity sullied by a badly engineered artifact hastily imposed upon us by those who do not understand such things.

So how does this help a large media organization that needs to move quickly?

It doesn’t.

There is a mantra in engineering that is illustrated by the following:

Product Delivery

The three fundamental dimensions of product development delivery are quality, speed and cost – you can have any two, but not all three.

So, even if the business folks have got the new product worked out, offerings may be diluted in functionality or quality. They may become prohibitively expensive so as to devalue the potential revenue opportunity, or they just may simply take too long to deliver, rendering any competitive edge obsolete.

The challenge for any media organization is to understand the many different cultures within an organization, create interlocking departmental goals and creatively engage all in discussions. If not, the reality of engineering may simply deny the opportunity.

Is this not a contributing factor to the lethargic business model evolution in many corporate media organizations?

Tell me it isn’t so… I’m listening.


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