leadership qualities for innovation

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How many questions did you ask today?
Do you believe what the media has to say?
Did your neighbor lose his job or home?
If the leaders tell him to do it alone…
do you believe he should rebuild on his own?
There’s no money left, sorry it’s gone
Where has all the money flown?

I just completed an innovation workshop for a management team in a large media company. One of the most important items in any innovative environment is communication and leadership at all levels. I thought these following leadership qualities were worthwhile sharing with you, for your day-to-day business activities.

  • Persuasion making a strong, valid argument for your various stances and freely sharing your reasons is crucial in gaining respect for them, instead of just compliance. That also implies taking in and valuing the views of others.
  • Patience don’t let your eagerness for achieving your goals translate into impatience at obstacles – whether human or process. Retaining a long-term view of your objectives will help enormously in keep small frustrations in perspective.
  • Gentleness wins hands down over toughness, especially when handling the finer feelings of followers.
  • Mentoring never assume, or appear to assume, that you know all of the answers. Always make it clear you are there to learn as well as to show how. Work to create a culture where diversity and different perspectives are valued above all else.
  • Acceptance be slow to judge. Give people every chance to prove themselves and give them the benefit of any doubt.
  • Kindness practice thoughtfulness in all of your dealings, especially with subordinates. Remember that the small details are often seen as the really important things.
  • Openness be open to all ideas and true information about the people with who you deal. Consider their own wishes, values and aspirations rather than only their apparent behavior.
  • Compassionate confrontation to create an environment where you can draw attention to mistakes and changes in direction without crushing people or discouraging risk-taking.
  • Consistency your style of leadership should not be seen as something that you ‘bring out’ when challenged or to deal with crisis. If you strive for consistency, it will be a reflection of your principles and an expression of your character.
  • Integrity let your words, true sentiments, thoughts and deeds line up with one another for all to see.

Innovation is a way of life. It allows you to cope with change and to develop new strategies for personal growth.

Tell me it isn’t so… I’m listening.

Innovate something today.


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